Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Steve Poikonen January 4, 2021

Welcome back to Gorilla Radio’s Home Edition recorded on this date, January 4th, 2021.

Today, Magistrate of the Crown, Vanessa Baraitser stunned Assange case followers, delivering a finding refuting American demands for the WikiLeaks publisher’s extradition to that country to face espionage charges.

Despite the ruling, Julian Assange is still held in London’s Belmarsh Prison. Outside the court, Assange’s partner, Stella Moris told reporters now is not the time to celebrate saying, “I had hoped that today would be the day that Julian would come home…Today is not that day, but that day will come soon.

Steve Poikonen is a columnist, broadcaster, and host of the ‘Slow News Day’ podcast available on Patreon.com. Steve‚Äôs also an organizer with Action4Assange, and co-host of the #FreeAssange Vigil. He and a retinue of activist have returned to Washington, D.C. to make again as public as possible in the American Capitol the miscarriage of justice being perpetrated in England against Julian Assange and all he represents.

Today, Steve Poikonen from Washington, D.C., staying on the Assange case.

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