Michael Krasny at KQED talks with Norman Solomon, author of "Made Love, Got War: Close Encounters with America’s Warfare State."

Michael Krasny at KQED talks with Norman Solomon, author of "Made Love, Got War: Close Encounters with America's Warfare State."

GR Chris and Yves Engler – Aug. 13-07

Nothing characterizes the twin disasters afflicting what was once referred to as “America,” (and indeed, the whole of western democracy); rampant privatization and the incorporation of perpetual warfare as an integral component of the economy, more than the corporate mercenary industry. Emblematic of our new age, these men and women “contractors” comprise a growing percentage of the occupation and garrison forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Initially made up from the ranks of former elite shock troops from the various armies of the west, today demand for ever more freeboots on the ground has lowered standards, and effected laws restricting citizen’s involvement in foreign wars. Now, Canada can proudly claim complicity in this grisly business, rightly howling with the rest of the dogs of war. Yves Engler is a Canadian freelance journalist and the author of two books, “Canada in Haiti: Waging War on the Poor Majority’ (co-authored with Anthony Fenton), and ‘Playing Left Wing: From Rink Rat to Student Radical.’ Many of his articles also appear at the excellent website, Dissident Voice.org among other places.

GR Chris and Jon Elmer, J9 Aug. 20-07

The tragedy of the Palestinian people continues on its ordained path to extinction. Shunted to shrinking reserves without access to water, and deprived of contact and trade with the outside world, Palestinians routinely die and are killed by the forces of Israel. This past week, fuel supplies to Gaza's only remaining power plant were refused passage by the Israeli Defense Force, meaning a weekend of darkness for most Gazans. It's simply another in a long list of privations suffered in Palestine, and unreported in the corporate media. Jon Elmer is a freelance Canadian journalist who has lived in and reported from the Occupied Territories.

GR Robert Parry Aug 28-07

This week, freelance journalist, author, and creator of Consortium News, Robert Parry looking back to the seedy beginnings of the disastrous presidency George W. Bush

GR Chris and J9- Aug. 20-07

Chris and J9 on local events and the joy of Canada's "Security and Prosperity Partnership"

GR Juan Cole – Aug. 20-07

Professor Juan Cole is a sholar, educator, and commentator on Middle East affairs. He’s authored, edited, and/or translated 14 books and written scores of journal articles. He’s also a regular columnist for Salon.com and his website, Informed Comment is widely quoted by those writing on Middle Eastern affairs. He describes his latest book, ‘Napoleon’s Egypt: Invading the Middle East’ as an unexpected allegory to George Bush’s Iraq War. Juan Cole and a tale of two tyrants in the first segment.

Gorilla Radio – Labour Day 2007 with Chris Cook and J9

Happy Labour Day to you, workers of the world, and to those that though they toil, their labour remains unrecognized. Happy day of rest to all you who shoulder the wheel week in and week out, without whose work Society would certainly shiver and shudder, convulse and collapse.

GR Robert Jensen – Sept.24-07

Robert Jensen is a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin and board member of the Third Coast Activist Resource Center http://thirdcoastactivist.org. His latest book is Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity (South End Press, 2007). Jensen is also the author of The Heart of Whiteness: Race, Racism, and White Privilege and Citizens of the Empire: The Struggle to Claim Our Humanity (both from City Lights Books); and Writing Dissent: Ta king Radical Ideas from the Margins to the Mainstream (Peter Lang). He can be reached at rjensen@uts.cc.utexas.edu and his articles can be found online at http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~rjensen/index.html.

GR with Scott Horton – Sept. 10-07

Don Siegelman’s was a storied political career. A democrat in staunchly republican, and overwhelmingly Christian Alabama, Siegelman managed, before ascending the Governorship, to be elected to three of the next-highest offices in the state. And, not unusually, he also managed to make a few enemies. Because, as well as being a highly effective political campaigner, Don Siegelman was also an honest administrator, a trait going decidedly against the grain of George W. Bush’s America, it wasn’t long before the Alabama democrat came to the attention of the Bush coterie. Scott Horton is a New York-based attorney, specializing in Human Rights law, and the law of Armed Conflict, and serves as a consultant to Human Rights First’s, Accountability for Military Contractors project. He’s also a co-founder of the American University in Central Asia, and is a current contributor to Harper’s magazine, writing the blog column, No Comment.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook and Vincent Bugliosi’s J’Accuse!

Recorded September 3, 2001

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook – Jameel Jaffer, Alison Bodine, J9 – Oct. 8,2007

This week: Jameel Jaffer is director of the American Civil Liberty Union's National Security Program, and author of 'Torture and the Rule of Law: Three Narratives About Abu Ghraib,' and co-author of the soon to be released, 'Administration of Torture.'

And; busted at the border: Alison Bodine is a central organizer with the Vancouver antiwar coalition's Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO), and the President of the University of British Columbia's Coalition Against War on the People of Iraq and Internationally (CAWOPI).

And; Janine Bandcroft brings us up to speed on local goings-on in and around Victoria this wee.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook – Todd Tucker and Naomi Klein Sept. 3, 2001

Todd Tucker on the IMF and bank corruption; and Naomi Klein before she was so famous on the first Social Summit and globalization…

Dori Smith of "Talk Nation" on WHUS Interviews Dave Lindorff on the B-52 Cruise Missile Flight

Live Cruise missiles in launch position fly on B-52 from Minot, North Dakota to Barksdale AFB 8 30 07. Plus should we leave Dem Party in protest or work through various Congressional challenges? Dave Lindorff says Impeach! & Mumia Abu Jamal case.