Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Jeff Halper, Kerry Pither, Janine Bandcroft Nov. 26, 2009

Date 2009-01-27

Well thank God it's all over! Throughout the Christmas week and into the New Year, the world witnessed rogue nation, Israel bomb and murder Palestinian civilians unchecked by either global opprobrium or any sense of humanity. Men, women, children, and animals alike were slaughtered through a combination of whiz bang, high-tech weaponery, and the ruthlessness Israel and its patron the United States have rightly become world famous for. But that was yesterday. The Bush era is now over, and a new day is dawning; a new day of hope and change, dignity and justice. As so long prayed and hoped for, change is now a promise to be fulfilled by the new Obama administration in Washington. We can all safely turn our collective energies now to better use than the study of war. Hallelujah! But, before we leave the scene of the crime, today a look at remnant Palestine and what the last days have wrought for the people there and what the new era promises them. Jeff Halper is the coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, and is the author of the book, 'An Israeli in Palestine.' Jeff is currently on a North America speaking tour, addressing the now redundant issues of peace and justice. Jeff Halper in the first half. And; The Global War on Terror may be over, but for the thousands imprisoned, subjected to unspeakable abuses, and disappeared into the black hole global gulags created by George W. Bush and his willing accomplices the battle goes on. Kerry Pither is a long-time human rights and civil liberties champion and intervenor on a wide range of local, regional and international issues. She is also the author of the recently released book, 'Dark Days: The Story of Four Canadians Tortured in the Name of Fighting Terror.' Kerry Pither and bearing witness for the defense in the second half. And Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us up to speed with good local goings-on, and to keep us abreast of Victoria's current housing and shelter crisis. But first, Jeff Halper and finding solutions for Ghetto Gaza and remnant Palestine.

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