Gorilla Radio Flashbacks with Chris Cook, Kristina Borjesson August 19, 2002

“Remember: words have power; the power to put pictures in your mind.” Never has that old Ukrainian saying been more true than when describing the media. For the last century, our ‘pictures in the mind’ have largely been manufactured by a small group of press barons and communication conglomerates. We mostly accept the limited scope of ‘all the news fit to print’ on an assumption that these privileged voices operate under tenets of objectivity and, ultimately, serving the public good. But today, that assumption does not bear scrutiny.

Kristina Borjesson knows better than most how media works; she’s a multi-award winning investigative reporter and producer whose resume includes: PBS’s Frontline, CNN Newstand, and both 60 Minutes and the CBS Evening News. But her twenty-plus years at the top of her field was no protection when she pursued a story nobody wanted told.

Now, Kristina Borjesson has edited “Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press”, a compilation of essays written by some of the most celebrated, and unjustly reviled, journalists in America. In the first half, Kristina Borjesson, caught in the “Buzzsaw.”

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Chris Cook

Author: Chris Cook

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