Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Anthony Fenton, Gail Davidson, Janine Bandcroft Apr. 8, 2015

As wars and rumours of war continue, the so-called Obama Doctrine requires a level-eyed assessment. That “doctrine,” as experienced in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, consists of arming everyone you believe an enemy of your enemy, and hoping for the best!

The result is disaster multiplied everywhere it is applied. Chaos, destruction, and death outright, with homelessness, hunger, and disease waiting in the wings. The ideals and best intentions of the project Washington and its allies intone mean nothing to the people caught in the maelstrom; their only hope is for the fighting to stop.

But thousands of miles removed from the suffering, the Pentagon, as announced yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, is readying for more war, “expediting” arms shipments to Saudi Arabia and its allies in the GCC to replenish their depleted stocks.

Anthony Fenton is an independent researcher, former journalist, author, and PhD candidate studying the political economy of Canada-Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC relations. Anothony co-authored, with Yves Engler, ‘Canada in Haiti: Waging War on the Poor Majority,’ and his many articles have been featured by the Asia Times Online, The Dominion, Foreign Policy in Focus, Inter Press Service News, Mother Jones, and Upside Down World.

Anthony Fenton in the first half.

And; were he an independent actor, perhaps Canada’s prime minister would have a doctrine named for him too; but as it stands, quisling Stephen Harper’s foreign policy is dictated to him from Washington, and elsewhere. What Mr. Harper’s handlers are telling him to do is entangle Canada in war-fighting in the Middle East, regardless of the consequences, and in spite of the damage that does to both the locals living beneath the barrage, and Canada’s international reputation.

Gail Davidson is a Member of the Law Society of British Columbia and founder of ‘Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada.’ An outspoken critic of the war against Afghanistan and those that have followed, Gail, and the international organization, Lawyers Against War, have argued against the legal “justifications” of the so-called Global War on Terror, and call for the arrest of the criminals waging them.

Gail Davidson examining the thin ice beneath Stephen Harper’s assumptions of war-making legitimacy in the second half.

And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us news of good things to do on our city’s streets, and beyond there too, in the coming week. But first, Anthony Fenton and Yemen; next in The Long War’s crucible.

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Chris Cook

Author: Chris Cook

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