Gorilla Radio Flashbacks with Chris Cook, Danny Schechter, News Dissecter Nov. 29, 2010

With the usual wars, and rumours of war losing media cachet, the situation on the Korean peninsula is being trumpeted as a more immediate threat to set Armageddon-weary hearts racing in terror anew. But before tearing off to the family bomb shelter, perhaps a closer look at the media and the way it presents the global reality to we who merely sit and wait is necessary. Before the Korean Krisis there was Iran, prepared to, starting with Israel, immolate the world with its reputed “nuclear weapons” program. Tehran’s program, the story goes, poses such a grave danger to the international community many in the press prescribe a preemptive nuclear operation; a surgical strike that while killing millions would spare hundreds of millions a cancerous atomic metastasizing.

Danny Schechter the News Dissector is a long-time media interpreter, film maker, radio and internet pioneer, and author, whose book titles include: ‘Plunder: the Crime of Our Time,’ its companion, ‘The Crime of Our Time: Why Wall Street is NOT Too Big to Jail,’ ‘Embedded: Weapons of Mass Deception,’ ‘Media Wars: News at a Time of Terror,’ and ‘The More You Watch, the Less You Know.’ His latest film release is, ‘Plunder: The Movie.’ Danny is freshly returned from a trip to one of the Axes of Evil, Iran; lucky to have escaped with his life.

Danny Schechter in the first half.

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Chris Cook

Author: Chris Cook

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