Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Roger Annis, Jacinda Mack, Janine Bandcroft Dec 3, 2014

Later this week, efforts will be made to shore up the tentative “ceasefire” in Ukraine. Though officially nearly a couple of months old, the firing never ceased in eastern Ukraine, where the coup regime in Kiev, the one recognized and championed by Canada and its western allies, has continued its indiscriminate shelling of populated areas using weapons that include cluster munitions.

Last week, the Harper regime in Ottawa pledged more than 20 million dollars worth of winter wear and other gear for Kiev – and even provided free delivery…free for the fascists that is. Roger Annis is a Vancouver-based peace and social justice activist and editor of the Canada Haiti Action Network website, CanadaHaitiAction.ca.

His writings can also be found at Rabble.ca, and at his site, A Socialist in Canada. Roger was recently in Crimea, from where he filed reports on the deteriorating living conditions for the people beneath the bombs of the Kiev coup regime, and now serves as a contributing editor to the new web site newcoldwar.org.

Roger Annis in the first segment.

And; having presumably finished its mission, KinderMorgan has backed off Burnaby Mountain for the time being. But not before sparking a showdown that saw more than a hundred “caretakers” arrested for defying a court injunction. Nina Jankovic was one of those; arrested with the Klabona Keepers. She’s published an account of the mistreatment, courtesy of the RCMP, she and her fellows’ suffered at Vancouver Coop Media’s website.

And; in another BC first: the Mount Polley tailings spill is the worst of its kind ever. In the fading days of summer, the earthen dam holding back years of accumulated gold and copper mining waste failed, sending millions of litres of slag and other contaminated material into Quesnel Lake, while compromising the entire aquatic and shoreline ecosystem. So far, no one knows exactly how, or even if, a clean-up can restore the environment.

First Nations activist Jacinda Mack is speaking tonight at 7pm in Camosun College’s Young building. The Xat’sull First Nation’s Natural Resource Manager and Mining Response Coordinator of the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council has come down to the capital to keep the spill on the government’s agenda, and on the public radar.

Jacinda Mack, describing the cause and consequences of the Mount Polley spill and its implications for the province of BC and native people along the Fraser River watershed in the third segment.

And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will be here somewhere in the middle of all that to bring us up to speed with some of the good things going on around our town in the coming week, and beyond there too. But first, Roger Annis and Ottawa warming neo-nazis, while stoking the fires of a new cold war.

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Chris Cook

Author: Chris Cook

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