Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Phil Rockstroh, Zack and Joseph Borkavic July 30, 2007

Phil Rockstroh is a self-described auto-didactic, gasbag monolist, poet, lyricist phiolosopher, and author of numerous articles and essays published across the internet and one I pulbished at Pacific Free Press.com I titled: 'American Reichstag,' while its author calls 'Tales of Angst, Alienation and Martial Law: Roasting Marshmallows on the American Reichstage Fire to Come.' Phil Rockstroh in the first segment.

And; is there transcendance from the Sturm and Drang of the times we happen to live in? Is there a way we can make of our short lives lived here and now, more meaningful than we are so far doing? Are we hurting the world through our daily actions, and if so, can we do things in another way, so we don't hurt the planet and the creatures on it? Yes, there is; and we are; and we can! Joseph and Zach Borkovic are the father-son force behind Earth Spirit, a Cowichan Bay-based endeavor to make a difference. Joe and Zach Borkovic and getting the earth spirit in the second half.

And; Janine Bancroft can't join us this week, but she'll be full of stories when she gets back from her summer travels next week. But first, Phil Rockstroh and tales of angst, alienation, and martial law.

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Chris Cook

Author: Chris Cook

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