Gorilla RAdio with Chris Cook, Andre Vltchek, J9 Mon. June 23, 2008

despite Canada’s place as one of the largest Pacific nations, we hear very little about the rest of our partners on the shores of the world’s largest ocean, or how our neighbours live. Andre Vltchek is a freelance journalist, author, and filmmaker specializing in the Pacific region. He’s a senior fellow at the Oakland Institute, co-founder of Mainstay Press, a publishing house for progressive political fiction, and serves as editorial director for the Asiana Press Agency. Some of Andre Vltchek’s book titles include: ‘Western Terror: From Potosi to Baghdad,’ ‘Exile,’ and his latest ‘Point of No Return.’ He also produced ‘Terlena – Breaking of a Nation,’ a documentary chronicling the life and legacy of Indonesian dictator, Surharto. Indonesian dictator Suharto. Andre Vltchek and a Pacific check in

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Chris Cook

Author: Chris Cook

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