Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook – Dennis Halliday – September 18, 2000

Digging through some of my old show tapes, I came across an interview I did with Denis Halliday in September of 2000. Before the next Iraq War, before 9/11, a prescient look at the "natural" progression of events culminating the "genocidal" 'U.N. Oil for Food Program' for Iraq. The script from back in the day is included below.


GR #67 Monday, September 18th CFUV 102FM 104.3 Cable 'cfuv.uvic.ca'
For more than ten years, the United Nations Security Council has enforced an embargo against Iraq. In that time, by the U.N.'s own estimates, more than a million Iraqi citizens have died as a result. Iraq is a defeated country; its infrastructure is destroyed, the economy in ruins, and its oil revenues strictly controlled. Yet, the 'victorious' alliance of western nations, including Canada, refuse to take their collective boot from the necks of the people. On today's show, Former UN Assistant Secretary-General and resigned Head of the UN Oil for Food Programme in Iraq, Denis Halliday on the continuation of a policy he's described as genocidal…

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Chris Cook

Author: Chris Cook

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