Gorillla Radio with Chris Cook – Chris Floyd, Jon Elmer September 05

Israel’s "disengagement" from the Gaza strip continues, but beyond sending state-subsidized Jewish "settlers" directly into other occupied areas, primarily the West Bank, there’s little indication of how Ariel Sharon’s "genius" plan profits the Palestinians. Jon Elmer is a Canadian journalist who has spent time living in Palestine, and is today back in the occupied territory. He produces the news web site, From Occupied Palestine.org. Jon Elmer, keeping watch on the occupation in the first half. <br><br>

And; Well-known to any familiar with disaster relief, the "Golden 72 Hours" refers to the timeline where catastrophe becomes desolation. Over the first 72 hours of the unprecedented natural destruction reaped against the continental U.S., the federal infrastructure did next to nothing. While the "Leader" of the nation strummed guitar in San Diego, and sneaked in a round of golf as New Orleans burned, the message clearly sent to "Outre" America is: "In case of disaster, you're on your own."<br><br>

This lame abandonment comes after the billions of dollars diverted in recent years to the military and Homeland Defense, and drastic cuts to budgets requested for the shoring up of New Orleans' defensive network of levees. Now, with roving gangs, reportedly heavily armed thanks to the easy availability of firearms at such family centred vendors as WalMart, and tough talk coming from governing figures in the form of deployments of "Shoot-to-Kill" National Guard troops to curb looting and lawlessness, is revealed an impression of impending calamity none of the "punditocracy" wish to examine. And, it discloses a race/class war in America, poised to now leap like wild-fire across the country.<br><br>

Chris Floyd
is a London-based, American journalist and author, who’s column, Global Eye is published by The Moscow Times. He also produces the blog, Empire Burlesque, which forms the basis his new book, ‘Empire Burlesque: High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium.’ Chris Floyd and New Orleans burning in the second half.<br><br>

And; Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us up to speed with all that’s good to do in and around Victoria this week. But first, Jon Elmer and the disengagement that wasn’t in Gaza

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Chris Cook

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