Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, John LaForge, Patrick Henningsen, Janine Bandcroft November 25, 2015

Date 2015-11-26

Nuclear power's role in our energy future will doubtless play a large part in the forthcoming COP21 talks in Paris. Long-cited as the "safe" and "carbon friendly" alternative to fossil fuels, even environmental stalwarts like George Monbiot promote nukes, if only for the transitional period required for the world to switch to CO2-free forms of energy generation. But does nuclear power really buy us time when its downstream by-products are an eternal threat? John LaForge is a long-time staffer at Nukewatch, the Wisconsin-based nuclear watchdog and environmental justice group. His countless articles on the topic have appeared in Nukewatch's quarterly and at online sites like: New Internationalist, Z Magazine, The Progressive, Earth Island Journal and at CounterPunch.org, where I found his latest, 'Exploding Radioactive Waste Warning: Keep It Above Ground' a disturbing account of a homegrown nuclear emergency you probably haven't heard about. John is co-recipient of the US Peace and Justice Studies Association’s 2004 Social Courage Award, and is a 1986 War Resisters League Peace Awardee who has spent in total more than four years in prisons and jails for his non-violent resistance to our war system. John LaForge in the first segment. And; the World became a distinctly more dangerous place yesterday with the shooting down by Turkey of a Russian warplane. That the two Russian pilots were reportedly shot dead* as they hung in their parachutes, and the body of at least one paraded across social media, makes a Turkish walkback from its actions, and any Russian face-saving measure, even more difficult. Turkey's actions are, in the opinion of my second segment guest, the gravest crisis NATO has ever faced - seeing one of its members unilaterally provoking war with a regional Superpower. Patrick Henningsen is a freelance journalist and co-founder of the online news site, 21st Century wire, launched during the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. Patrick's geopolitical analyses and commentaries are featured online at RT and Al Jazeera, and of course at 21Wire, where he's been working overtime these past two weeks since the attacks in Paris, and now covering this stunning development over Syria. Patrick Henninsen and what bitter grist Turkey's shootdown brings to NATO's table in the second half. And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFIV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us newz of the coming week from our city's streets, and beyond there too. But first; John LaForge and "when it rains it burns," Nevada's little-known nuclear mishap.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Bonny Glambeck, Jennifer Moore, Janine Bandcroft Nov. 18, 2015

Date 2015-11-19

This past summer, the retreat of a salmon farming operation from Clayoquot Sound marked a first for the long fight to protect wild salmon. For those whose epic migration cycle begins and ends in the rivers and creeks of the Sound, they must first and last traverse a gauntlet of more than twenty such operations. Opposition to the fish farms, referred to by opponents as the sea-based equivalents to land-based feedlot, or "factory farms," has grown throughout British Columbia due to environmental impacts and concern for the genetic survival of the five distinct Pacific salmon species. While the success at home, in Clayoquot, is heartening for all engaged in the effort to preserve wild salmon, sometime the fight must be taken to the source; and it is with that in mind a delegation of First Nations and local enviros are heading to Norway, the very heart of the salmon farming industry, to attend a transcontinental Wild Salmon Conference and meet up with their European counterparts. Bonny Glambeck is with Clayoquot Action, the Tofino-based conservation society committed to the Sound's biocultural diversity. Their goal is simple, they say; "keep Clayoquot Sound clean and green for future generations, to preserve the diversity and integrity of the ecosystems, and to maintain and develop community and cultural richness." Bonny Glambeck in the first segment. And; it's not only on the streets of Europe's capitals, militarization is taking hold in the most varied of venues. For example, a newly released report reveals the so-called security strategy of the Canadian/US mining giant Tahoe Resources, and to the people of southeastern Guatemala, the Escobal Project looks a little like the Third-World War. Investigative Journalist, Luis Solano's 'Under Siege: Peaceful Resistance to Tahoe Resources and Militarization in Guatemala' untangles, says MiningWatch Canada, a web of relationships and tactics leading to the militarization of local farming communities. "From the outset," writes Solano, "Tahoe Resources hired a US security and defence contractor that boasts experience with corporations working in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan to develop a security plan that treated peaceful protest and community leaders as if they were armed insurgents." Jennifer Moore is the Latin America Program Coordinator for MiningWatch Canada. From her Ecuador-base, Jen spent years in Latin America as a freelance print and broadcast journalist, specializing in communities affected by Canadian-financed mining companies and exposing, among others, Blackfire Explorations' and its notorious Payback Mine in Chiapas, Mexico. MiningWatch Canada helped sponsor Luis Solano's recent 'Under Siege' tour through Canada. Jennifer Moore and resisting Tahoe in the second half. And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us newz of happenings on and around our streets, and beyond, in the coming week. But first, Bonnie Glambeck and On to Norway! with Clayoquot Action.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Ingmar Lee, Terry Glavin, Janine Bandcroft Nov. 14, 2011

Date 2015-11-13

[Note: This is a reloaded version of an interview lost during one of the site's numerous hack attacks. - ape] This week: Marking Armistice Day in Victoria, I went down to the MacKenzie-Papineau Battalion memorial, tucked quietly in the bushes beside the fountains, between the Legislature Buildings and the Grand Pacific Hotel, there to stand with the stalwart, white-poppy adorned peace proponents who speechify and personalize what war and peace mean to them. And;Terry Glavin is an award-winning journalist, editor at Transmontanus Books, a new columnist at the Ottawa Citizen, and he recently delivered the Harvey Southam Fellowship lecture in journalism, 'Orwell and Everything After' at the University of Victoria. Terry Glavin is the author of six and co-author of four books, and his latest is 'Come from the Shadows: The Long and Lonely Struggle for Peace in Afghanistan.' He is also co-founder of the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee. Terry Glavin and where next Afghanistan in the second half. And; Victoria Street Newz publisher and CFUV broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us news from Victoria's streets and beyond. But first, remembering all the fallen on Armistice Day in Victoria.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, David Swanson, Ezili Danto, Janine Bandcroft Nov. 11, 2015

Date 2015-11-12

Twitter's recent teapot tempest in Canada over a petition to rename Calgary airport after Stephen Harper illuminates a point pertinent to the comin' round again Remembrance Day pageantry. As with the proposed christening of 'Stephen Harper International,' shouldn't we put a proper end to first, and wait some respectful period of time after, to be sure what's passing is indeed past before rushing to ribbon-cutting ceremonies and military parades, or consigning historical dates and plaques? If Armistice, now Remembrance and/or Veterans Day is meant to mark the end of war, and that great accomplishment via the War to End All Wars, isn't it premature, or just plain rude, to begin the celebration without the guest of honour? As my old Grandpappy used to say, "Carve it, sure; but, don't put a headstone in the cemetary before its namesake is in the ground!" And, like putting that grave marker in the boneyard early, it seems to me, getting out to celebrate the end of War while there's still so much of it around is more than bad manners; it begs bad luck. David Swanson is a most active peace and political justice activist, journalist, radio host, and author whose book titles include: 'War No More: The Case for Abolition,' 'When the World Outlawed War,' 'War Is a Lie,' and 'The Military Industrial Complex at 50,' among others. He's director of WorldBeyondWar.org, campaign coordinator for RootsAction.org, and blogs at DavidSwanson.org and WarIsACrime.org. He too hosts Talk Nation Radio, and is a 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. David Swanson in the first segment. And; Haiti held its first round presidential and parliamentary elections in late October, and as with everything political in Haiti, there's much more going on there than meets the media eye here. Ezili Dantò is a New York City-based human rights attorney dedicated to "correcting the media lies and colonial narratives about Haiti." She's a performance poet, founder of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, and runs the website, listserve, and eyewitness project, FreeHaitiMovement, and the on-line journal, Haitian Perspectives, and author of 'Vodun Woman: A Performance Poetry Collection,' and the 'Kenbe La' books. Ezili Dantò and who the West chosen for Haiti's future this time in the second half. And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us newz from our city's streets in the coming weeks, and beyond there too. But first, David Swanson and Armistice Day at 97. Chris Cook hosts Gorilla Radio, airing live every Wednesday, 1-2pm Pacific Time. In Victoria at 101.9FM, and on the internet at: http://cfuv.uvic.ca. He also serves as a contributing editor to the web news site, http://www.pacificfreepress.com. Check out the GR blog at: http://gorillaradioblog.blogspot.ca/ G-Radio is dedicated to social justice, the environment, community, and providing a forum for people and issues not covered in the corporate media.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Dave Lindorff, Christopher Ketcham, Janine Bandcroft Nov. 4, 2015

Date 2015-11-05

As spies go, the 600,000 cubic foot, eye-in-the-sky blimp floating at 16,000 feet outside Washington, D.C. is hardly discreet, but until it went rogue, breaking its tether and hieing for the coast, most Americans knew nothing about it, or its mission. Similarly, despite the ubiquitous presence of law enforcers of every description ceaselessly broadcast into the living rooms of the nation, few understand how and upon who their force is fully exercised. Dave Lindorff is an award-winning, long-time print journalist, and founder of the web news site, This Can't Be Happening. His recent articles about the wayward spy in the sky, and of West Palm Beach, musician, Corey Jones' recent fatal encounter with an undercover policeman while waiting for a tow on the side of a Florida highway are illustrative of both the misuse and increased use of secret policing in America. Dave Lindorff in the first half. And; in a recent CounterPunch article, Brooklyn-based freelance writer, Christopher Ketcham quotes biologist E.O. Wilson's dire assessment for life as we've known it on good old Planet Earth. Wilson predicts, "Extinction is now proceeding thousands of times faster than the production of new species," which means, "Between 30 and 50 percent of all known species are expected to go extinct by 2050, if current trends hold." Consider that the next time you see a still wild animal cavorting across the sky, or lying dead on the side of the road. Ketcham's work has appeared in most of America's finer magazines: Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, National Geographic, and Hustler among others. He was selected as a Livingston Awards finalist for his Salon.com coverage of the 9/11 attacks in New York in 2002, and published 'Notes from 9/11 Poems and Stories' based on his observation of that attack's aftermath. His article revealing the plundering of the public lands of the American West by the livestock industry featured on the cover of Harper’s February issue this year. Christopher Ketcham and 'Extinction, the New Environmentalism, and the Cancer in the Wilderness' in the second half. And; Victoria Street Newz publisher emeritus and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us news of what's happening on our city's streets in the coming week, and beyond there too. But first, Dave Lindorff and as above, so below; keeping an unblinking eye on America.

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